Parents of Chinese Students

Most of us would like our children to have connections with our own culture and heritage. For this reason, Chinese-American parents send their kids to Chinese school. Why not let them try the traditional Chinese bamboo flute (Dizi) as a supplement? They get to learn an instrument, connect to Chinese Culture, and have fun. In the U.S.A. hundreds of thousands of kids learn to play Violin, Piano, and Western Flute, as well as Sing, Dance and Hip-hop… but not many kids play Dizi. With Yang Qin’s accompaniment, and some effort, your child will be able to play like a real Dizi player in less time than needed for other instruments, and because of less competition he or she will be able to stand out in the crowd and get noticed as special.

Just imagine, you or your child could play a Dizi solo on stage, accompanied by a professional Yang Qin player for Chinese New Year concert, school special event or talent show…

Dizi is one of the most popular instruments in China. With CDs and an English instructional book your child can learn this beautiful instrument at home with the guidance of an accomplished tutor. The program is available as a kit with Dizi and accessories for your convenience. To find out more about our Dizi program, visit our Programs page.