Learn to Play Dizi with Tim Liu - 2 Measures at A Time

If you are interested in learning to play the Chinese Bamboo Flute, or Dizi, you may have found that tutors for this instrument can be hard to find. Now, with the 2 Measures At A Time™ Dizi program, you can learn this beautiful instrument with the guidance of an accomplished tutor. This program accommodates the beginner to intermediate Dizi player, starting with basic breathing practice and basic hand positions, and builds to playing nine simple Chinese folk tunes. For players with some experience, more advanced versions of these tunes are also offered.

Learn to Play "Birds Amid Tree Shadows" with Dizi Master Chen Tao - 2 Measures at A Time

Chen Tao is widely recognized as a master Dizi player. He played Carnegie Hall in 2001, and the New York Times calls him “a poet in music”. Birds Amid Tree Shadows is one of Chen Tao’s surprise pieces. Audiences always wonder how he does it, and now he is going to reveal the magic to you – 2 Measures at a Time™
NOTE: This master program is for advanced woodwind players only. This program explores the capability of a transverse flute, and it is assumed the student is familiar with the Dizi.

Learn to Paste Dizi's Dimo with Tim Liu

Dimo selection, pasting, and adjusting is a vital part of Dizi’s tone quality, yet lots of beginner Dizi players cover the MoKong (Membrane hole) with all kinds of paper, then wonder “Why does my Dizi sound funny?”.
This video is boiled down from over 25 years of Dimo pasting experience. In 35 minutes Tim Liu will show and tell you all you need to know about the Dizi’s Dimo.