“I have to say the Dizi is amazing! The quality of the sound is fantastic, and has a surprising ease of play! The program is excellent, although I have not had a chance to go through it all yet. I like how there is Chinese notation as well as western; I am bound to have a lot of fun learning with your program. I have loved the sound of the Dizi since I was young, but never thought I would be learning to play one! Thank you very much!”

Dan DysonLincolnshire, United Kingdom

“Tim Liu is a first rate musician and teacher with a delightful sense of humor. This is not Dizi lite. You can really learn to play and read Chinese music from this. He teaches through an excellent workbook and four audio CDs and the example of his beautiful playing. Plus, and this is a huge plus, he answers questions by email and phone. He has already commented on three lessons I shared with him through video and audio tracks. His comments have been substantive, insightful, encouraging — and funny. If you want to learn to play the Dizi, big thumbs up from me for Tim Liu’s 2 Measure system. I come to the Dizi after several decades playing classical (Boehm system) flutes; from this perspective, Mr. Liu’s teaching system appears to me substantive enough for professional musicians and clear enough for new flute players…”. “…I found the optional Dimo (membrane) DVD very helpful. While Mr. Liu’s explanation in the workbook is very clear, it helped me to watch him apply the Dimo. It makes a big difference in the tone of the Dizi if the membrane is of poor quality or poorly applied. Scotch tape or saran wrap doesn’t give you that characteristic Dizi reedy sound — and yes, I tried. 🙂 Please don’t let the Dimo scare you away from the Dizi — preparing and applying the Dimo is harder to explain than it is to do…”

Jane Tigar aka Yogini TaraAttorney, Flute Player & Yoga Teacher

“Flo, the singing yellow-naped amazon parrot, is a great fan of the Dizi and the 2 Measures teaching song selections. To hear her sing along with Practice Session 6 (Lady Mon-Jian), click on this YouTube from Yogini Tara. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hXUrc23Mfg

Yogini Tara and Flo30 Years Young, Talented Singing Parrot

“For a long time I searched for a characterful flute to give new color to my band. I found the page from Tim Liu and the perfect flute I searched for. I decided to buy one and also his book and CD “2 measures at a time”. Although I´m a musician and have played flute and saxophone for a long time. His book helped me very much to understand more about how to use and to play Chinese music. I´m also an instrumental teacher but I do it one to one so I can show my students directly how to play. To learn an instrument alone with-out direct instruction is a difficult task. “2 measures at a time” shows the beginner in words, sounds and pictures how to use this nice flute in the right way. For me as a non-beginner I found also many things I could learn. The autodidact can use the playing of Tim Liu´s CD. The learner can listen and try to play it in a similar way as often as wanted. I must say some words to Tim Liu´s service. It was great. I got answers to my questions and information I needed immediately. If somebody would like to learn to play Dizi I can recommend Tim Liu`s “2 measures at a time” and his service.”

Andreas CutruneoHaby, Germany

“I can’t say enough good things about Tim Liu and his wonderful flutes. I was contracted to play Miss Saigon in Wichita and knew nothing about the Asian flutes required in the score and had never played one. Tim was there every step of the way from getting me a beautiful Dizi to answering all my questions about playing, pasting dimos, etc. He plays so beautifully and was always so generous with his time and expertise. I highly recommend Tim Liu and all his products.”

Lorraine MillerWarrensburg, MO

“Tim Liu was extremely knowledgable and answered all my questions prior to my purchasing of a Dizi flute. Correspondence with him was quick, and the flute I received plays wonderfully. I will recommend him to anyone I know who needs a Dizi flute or has questions that he may answer. I look forward to doing business with him again in the future.”

Magan Lanzhttp://web.mac.com/megan_lanz

“… they are the most fantastic programs and they almost make up for not having a real teacher to learn from … If you email him, Tim is always very kind and quick to answer your questions. A professional, an amateur or even a complete beginner will undoubtedly find Tim’s program very helpful. You learn how to hold your fingers, blow air into the flute, read the sheets and on the Dizi’s Dimo DVD you also get great advice on how to afix the Dimo. So, it is very easy and fun for a beginner to learn to play Dizi flute, and when you have mastered the beginner level, there is an advanced level that teaches you all the tricks and ways to make your Dizi playing really SPICY. Thank you so much Tim, it is a really wonderful program you have made!”

Martin ToxenLaesoe Island, Denmark

“I am very impressed with the clearly presented examples of instruction and the beautifully performed excerpts by Tim Liu and his colleague. Based on my experiences of concertizing with Mr. Liu, I would highly recommend his complete packet for anyone interested in learning how to play the Chinese Bamboo Flute. He has done a great service by creating this comprehensive and delightful manual. Congratulations Tim Liu!”

Carol WincencNew York, NY

“….The next concert for me was a convention highlight. Tim Liu on the Dizi. Tim and I became firm friends. He is one of the nicest guys one could imagine. Before the Convention started I showed him the Concert Hall venue and he played to me alone for about 15 minutes. Something I shall never forget. His Dizi puts Boehm flutes to shame with its gorgeous sound and Tim’s wonderful character was presented through his wonderful music. That was a concert I might have missed had I not had duties to perform at that location. How lucky I was to attend the whole of that concert and for once not listening in the crack between the back stage doors… (Mr. Rayworth’s comment about Tim Liu’s performance. In August of 2004 he was Stage Manager for the British Flute Society’s International Convention, where top performers from all over the World were invited to play.)”

John RayworthPast Membership Secretary and Council member of BFS

“Tim Liu imports the finest Bamboo flutes I have played. I use them often in my work in recording studios or live performance. His four compact disk course should be welcome by any musician, student or professional, who wants to learn about the wood flute in general, or the Chinese Bamboo flute in particular. “

David Weiss New York, NY

“… an accessible resource for composers, creative musicians or anyone interested in the Chinese flute and its music. Whether a music lover, amateur or professional, this introduction will provide the user with everything necessary for hours of enjoyable music-making from the world of beautiful Chinese folk music… “

Paula Chan BingNew York, NY

“As a professional flutist and ethnic flutist, I am absolutely thrilled to have found Tim Liu. The dizi that he imports are hands-down the best available—every single one that I have ordered has had a great scale and a beautiful tone. I have also used Tim’s Dimo Pasting DVD and his “Birds Amid Tree Shadows” CD. These have been invaluable in my quest to master the dizi. The Dimo Pasting DVD should be a required prerequisite for anyone beginning the dizi! I am also in awe of Tim’s knowledge and willingness to help others in their dizi pursuits. He is an amazing musician…and one of the most gracious people I have ever worked with. “

Tereasa PayneFlorida USA

“I was impressed by the sound of the Dizi and wanted to learn how to play it. I had been playing the guitar and the piano, but no wind instrument. And these are difficult for beginners ! There was no way to find a teacher where I live, and all the methods I could find were in Chinese. Then I came upon Tim’s website. At first I thought the program was rather expensive, but I found good reviews on some forums and decided to give it a try. Well, not only is the program very good, and you can learn quickly and have pleasure working on it, but most of all, Tim is a wonderful person, willing to know what your background is in order to be able to help you his best, and always keeping in touch. You can ask questions, send recordings and videos of what you can (or can’t) achieve, and he will always reply very kindly and quickly, giving invaluable advice. I’m really convinced that if you want to learn dizi and can’t have a teacher at home, it’s the best way to go. I didn’t expect that much personal involvment and am really amazed… You can contact me for more info about this program: c.rabachou@gmail.com “

Catherine RabachouFrance

“I have been working through pieces in the Two Measures at a Time program and have performed some of them in concerts. Tim has always been prompt and most helpful in giving feedback on my playing (sent as email attachments) and providing extra information about the pieces in response to my questions. I really appreciate his friendliness and sense of humour. You couldn’t wish for a nicer and more helpful teacher. My wish is that he create another companion volume to the current set of 12 practices – another 12, please Tim!”

Kathleen ChindarsiAustralia

“I first discovered Tim Liu’s Dizi when booked to play ‘Miss Saigon’ in Toronto. Since then I’ve used them in the Toronto productions of ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’; also in a number of film and cd sessions, not to mention just playing them for the sheer joy of it. These Dizi are of a consistently fine quality, well-tuned and with excellent artisanship. Tim is a great resource himself. He provides very helpful and friendly service. My first choice for Dizi! Contact Les at: lesanddominique@sympatico.ca “

Les AlltWidely Recognized as One of Toronto's Most Versatile Musicians

“I first discovered Tim Liu’s Dizi when booked to play ‘Miss Saigon’ in Toronto. Since then I’ve used them in the Toronto productions of ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’; also in a number of film and cd sessions, not to mention just playing them for the sheer joy of it. These Dizi are of a consistently fine quality, well-tuned and with excellent artisanship. Tim is a great resource himself. He provides very helpful and friendly service. My first choice for Dizi! Contact Les at: lesanddominique@sympatico.ca”


“I am very satisfied with the 2 measures course by Tim Liu. Tim is extremely friendly and helpful throughout the purchase process and keep me informed all throughout the way. All the pieces are well chosen, allows one to learn many important techniques in dizi playing. One useful aspect of this program is the examples of various pieces played out two measures at a time. This allows one to master entire song piece by piece, one step at a time. Each small section (2measures) is also blown by Tim, allowing us to know how it should really sound like, fairly similar to having a teacher by your side, showing you how each section should be blown. Also, another very useful aspect is Tim’s assistance and feedback for answering all the questions I have in the process of going through his course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning to play the dizi.”

Eng-JonUniversity of Surrey, UK

“I wanted to thank you so much for making my sister, Rubina David’s wedding so special. Your flute playing during the wedding procession made that moment so unique and beautifully intimate. I was again delighted to have received your CD as a wedding favor. I now have your cd programmed to wake me in morning as my alarm system. It’s such soothing music to wake up to. Your music is so rich and dynamic you really have a gift! Thank you again and I wish you the best!”

Angela YehExecutive Recruiter

“Hi Tim, I received the video Friday, and immediately sat down to view it. First of all, it’s a fabulous video! As someone who’s been both a professional musician and teacher for 35 years, I am very impressed. Thank you for sharing your work in such a beautiful and easily-digestible way. (2 days after) Tim, I just pasted my first di mu today, and am pleased with the results, though feel terrifically clumsy. I have two dizi purchased when I was guest faculty at Sichuan Conservatory in Chengdu in 1998, and have been frustrated ever since, not knowing how to put the di mu on. So THANK YOU!! I feel like a thirsty woman in the desert finally finding some water. (Ms. Insull’s comments on DVD program: DIZI’S DIMO – Chinese Bamboo Flute’s Membrane)”

Bonnie InsullProfessional Flutist

“I was really excited when I found Tim’s Dizi-program on the Internet as I’ve been searching, in vain, for some instruction and also a decent instrument. Tim provided both. The presented songs are interesting and challenging and thanks to his clever and simple system of two measures at a time complicated phrases become easy and a joy to play (why didn’t I think of that!). The dizi is not an easy instrument to learn but with some effort and Tim’s program the rewards are plentiful. Thanks again Tim.”

Carl BludtsBelgium