If you have an idea for a 2 Measures program, please Contact Us If we take your idea and produce a program, you will get the 1st edition free as our thank you. We are most interested in instruments for which finding tutors is difficult.

There's an
in China:

“A thousand mile journey starts with one small step.”


The Journey

Mastering your favorite instrument

may seem too difficult for you, but by imitating an accomplished tutor one small step (2 Measures) at a time, you can confidently begin your journey. You can then use what you’ve learned as your home base, and move on to your destiny (or whatever you are to accomplish).

2 Measures at a Time

is a series of home study programs designed for people who would like to learn a particular instrument but do not have access to a tutor nearby, or who prefer the convenience and advantages of studying at home.

The 2 Measures at a Time method

is based on the natural learning process of imitation and repetition. The instructional book and CDs in your program contain lessons led by an accomplished tutor. You can go at your own pace, repeat each lesson as many times as you wish, and get feedback from your tutor by mail, email, audiotape, or phone.

Learn more

about the 2 Measures at a Time method in a New York Flute Club Newsletter interview with one of our instructors. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).