Learn to Play Dizi with Tim Liu

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Welcome to the The 2 Measures at a Time™ – Dizi Mini Lesson.

My name is Tim Liu, the creator of 2 Measures at a Time™ learning method.

Please read the following info while you are waiting for the video to be loaded.

The 2 Measures at a Time™ learning method is based on the natural learning process of imitation and repetition. Each lesson comes with 4 steps:

The 1st step – I will demonstrate the whole song with Chinese Hammer Dulcimer’s accompaniment. (You may come back to listen to the demo after the video’s mini lesson. (Clicking the button now may affect the download time of the video). Click here to hear the Dizi/Hammer Dulcimer’s audio demonstration.

The 2nd step – I may explain the background or techniques used for the song. (Again, you may come back to listen to the demo after the video’s mini lesson. Clicking the button now may affect the download time of the video)

The 3rd step – 2 Measures at a Time™ INTERACTIVE PRACTICE. Please Click Play button when download is completed.

Dizi Mini Lesson Video
A special thanks to Mr. Terry Converse for Video Editing

Many of our participants – professional or amateur, around the world agree that – other than a good live teacher, this is an easy and effective way to learn – Please click here to see their positive feedback of this learning method.

The advantage of learning with CD programs is that you can repeat these lessons as many times as you like without have to pay extra money for it.

The 4th step of the 2 Measures at a Time™ learning method actually is a REWARD! – Chinese Hammer Dulcimer will play the accompanying part to your practice or you can use it to perform for your friends and audience.

What if you don’t understand, have questions or need support? You can Contact Me with questions. I usually get back to you within 24 hours. (Lots of participants love this feature. They send me recordings to share their joy and progresses – which make me proud of this wonderful program.)

We put together CDs, instructional book, Bamboo flute, and accessories into one package, so you can start to learn – the moment you open the package. Click here to see product pictures.

There is an old saying in China: “A thousand mile journey starts with one small step”. Mastering your favorite instrument may seem like a thousand mile journey to you at this point, but by imitating an accomplished tutor one small step (2 Measures) at a time, you can confidently begin and accomplish your journey sooner than you expected.

Are you ready to start your journey to explore this beautiful instrument?
Would you give me the honor to be your guide for this wonderful journey?

Thank you for trying our MINI LESSON, I hope I will hear from you soon.

Please Email Me if you have any question about our program.

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